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lower molars, providing free drainage. When the upper teeth were

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HOLLAND AND FLANDERS: and a series of unusual journeys to the heritage of WALES, SCOTLAND AND

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•5954(42) Michael, A. D. British Oribatidae. 2 vols. (Bay Soc.)

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the plexus is at once seen in the floor of the wound escaping from the outer border

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and it may spread out fan-wise over portions of the

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"Pooh cakes and candles!"-Gary, Elizabeth and Jessica

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patient to make a thoroughly satisfactory cold applica-

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and which may be said to be, even in part, within the control


which may develop more or less rapidly until the act of swal-

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vesicle. The surrounding mucous membranes usually show evidences

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ing agent and its correction or withdrawal, avoidance of the '

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commonly made between persons who had never seen each other. Concur

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the two great causative factors, the treatment should

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For Inflamed Breasts. — Take of chelidonium majus (celandine), ce-

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gory sugar is to be included), are of special importance in the

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the uterus came down as badly as before the operation,

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to her, and said that he would cure her, but that in

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ordinarii, prudentiae vestrae sigillatim examinanda,

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And it is probably in this selective action of the epinephrin on the

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temperament of the patient, to the type or stage of

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menced to boil. The jars were then removed from the wash boiler

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Put the laurel leaf and cinnamon into the milk and boil,

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or tin, in the position of complete extension and supination,

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months' test annual tests should thereafter be made. All re-

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still more pain and straining. Later still, the same painful

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which sensibility has been carefully studied, especially in parts where the

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a considerable functional result is possible. Points of attachment

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Thurston, E. J., hospital steward. To be hospital steward

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Avith a sterilized syringe and boric solution, freely irrigate the an-

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physician. The ' investigation ' of the police captain

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