is not nephritis, but an acute degeneration such as is caused by blood

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tain what facilities exist and would be offered for the treatment of sick

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housing surveys which have been made, perhaps one of the most useful

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The chief determining causes of the complications which modify

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teal pus is proof positive of the existence of inflammation. But shall we

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pressly for us; warranted accurate, thoroughlv seasoned and veiy superior. Straight, self regis-

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inelacax|Mil bone ha« lM>fn rounded off, almost into a new

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to be equalized or the surplus removed ; therefore, we iind in his

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whether one of their causes may not be acute rheumatism.

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month of August, 1883. She then began to experience a sen-

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much specialized and allows of movements in all directions, particularly

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sion, that no success will avail for the improvement or reformation of

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largely from the above-mentioned "Animal Plagues," from the

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of the extrinsic ocular muscles, including squint. That may seem a

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.pressure will be less ; and in the most distant parts, which lie in some

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taken ill about June 8 and continued ill with fever for about four

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outward and 6-10" in a forward direction. At the inner extremity

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Physician, New York Hospital. B.S. 1962, University of

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acrid, and produces inflammation and ulceration if applied

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soon as the incision was made into the abdomen, he states, the

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muscles, and he considers himself justified in concluding that

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Heretofore the filled capsules offered the profession of this

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blood hyaline and epithelial tube casts in abundance. The

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eighth nerves indicates that the growth is probably in the anterior part

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shows the usual febrile characters, including slight albuminuria in many

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Gait very unsteady; difficulty in turning; walks with legs

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the nature of the nervous phenomena, and of their production, must

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abandonment of the bandage, within the last year or two, in the

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Rest. — Rest is absolutely essential. The patient should be

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through intracardiac reflexes by means of cellulipetal nerves.

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argument of " military necessity " through which details of food,

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3hoto^aphing very large objects, by plaping them on the

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Colton's Bitters, Westfield, Mass. Teaspoon to 2 table-

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drugs which had been taken — were too much for even an expectation

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the small bones of the hands and feet much enlarged, so that

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years, although it is very common between ten and twelve.

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tervals. During this period of time she experienced so-called

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occasionally the cause of wounds in civil practice, though rarely

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connective tissues was frequently' brought under the notice of

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gluteal fold, beneath the pendulous tip of the tumor. Dissection