antisepticism renders the operation of cutting down to the drop-
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subspecialties within infectious diseases, such as infections in transplant recipients, neutropenic
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experiments on guinea-pigs which confirmed this. Seibert believed
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Other renal lesions may give rise to more or less periodical
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A. — Venereal affections of the integument and mucous
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bladder he suggested separation of the organ as high as the vesico-uterine
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In advanced embryos of Chelydra, the anlage of the sphenopala-
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wearing a straw hat with a brim shading his face but with the crown
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the irritable state of the bowels, dependent sometimes
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haste and found patient with pinched features, feeble,
cording to later reports her condition has varied from
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labour, and their maintenance has to be wholly drawn from the
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otitis. In cases of pneumonia in children, head-retraction, when severe,
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in the way of its final return. I conld not help thinking then,
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the short and feeble expirations, whilst it flows into the lung and
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ameters. This reduced number accounts for the lighter staining
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long a time, the nervous system and muscular apparatus will at last
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bleeding nod purging, lb ciDdiecrimitiatend option of tbe latter voald be a fftr
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mains on the stone, and the ink roller is passed over it.
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1731 f. — The long worm in the flesh in the East Indies. [Practically same as
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Tumour. — In our last Number, we published a case in which the operation of
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been chosen to deliver the Huxley lectures for this year. Pre-