discontinue the chloral at night and to substitute urethran
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and Disease,ed.4,Phila.,W.B. Saunders Co.. 1943, p. 78.
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the form of the sphygmogram always depends upon different factors
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The spheno-palatine ganglion receives sensitive fibres from the second
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partment East. (S. O. 4, A. G. 0., January 6, 1886.)
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■of the walls of the sac which obliterates it. We
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;!,,.l., ill, Sin>.- tlic -■. iii|'i..ni- -ui;-''-tf»i -tirpt.K , k . ,il -rpiu .I'nii.i.
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the greatest similarity to cheesy miliary tubercle ; and secondly,
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with the name of Jackson of Boston, a pupil of Louis. The theory has
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every case of homicide, and in every case of death under circum-
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ing how susceptible a subject may be of interest when treated
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of sensation in the spinal nerves, have been acknowledged by Sir William Hamilton, and by a
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warm weather, and a tepid one in the cold-season. The wat<r is clear
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signal service to mankind. If it had not, how had it
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tify. Other objections may be started, and, if my theory be
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ditions ; or by lesions in the reflective nervous centre ; or outside
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use of fluid applications. He makes an exceptinn of iodoform,
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vomica, opium, and ipecacuanha in proper proportion and dose. "It
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and tries to keep up the patient's strength. He uses a spUnc
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bad,' and her stomach so irritable that every species of food was rejected; her
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cians in the Country than any other layman who called
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ing Surgeon receives a fee of .5s. for every Medical exa-
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eases Prevention Act, Artisans and Labourers' Dwellings Act,
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personages, Howard, Father Mathew, Boz, Leigh Hunt, Douglas Jerrold,
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voluntary muscular contractions occur. This is often an effort to escape bom
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to be had recourse to, and, if all these failed, in two hours to ex-
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or collectively to the action of the will and the reflex excitation of the cord, or
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which is here shown, will fill this want. It consists of
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needle might be drawn out at any time by means of a thread passed
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and highly susceptible membrane could be subjected to such treatment
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Enlarged German Edition. Edited by J. Clifton Edgar, M. D.,
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and, in fact, many deaths annually occur from such prescribing." One
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as a transudation. This is proven by the presence of a certain degree of in-
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crosed cartilage was expelled through the tube, and
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sometimes causes ileus and bowel obstruction by simple and
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central retinal artery we may have a field of quite irregu-
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and showing general symptoms of congestion, and of course
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to $14,565. Five to six per cent increase approved and