sence of testicles, and of the female in the presence of a uterus and ovaries.
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sick puerperse being left over, one of whom succumbed a
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2. Dickens, Frank: Biochem. J. 35:1011 (Sept.) 1941.
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often freely exposed, and the remains of mucous membrane are red, swoUen,
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committee to report on antiseptics and germicides, was
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difficult problem in social work treatment. There may be a long
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medulla. Granting these pathological changes to be the
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already adverted to — namely, the transmission of the disease in its later
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chlorid, have given relief. The inhalation of acetic acid or vinegar
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ployed in this way — and not in erecting new institutions
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heavy expenses which are daily incurred and which the pro-
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was found in the region of the bladder, extending up-
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and Pathology. The Medical and Surgical Dispensary is in
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Adverse Reactions: Adverse reactions noted with Tenex (guanfacine
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surgeon looks upon a case such as I shall show you this morning as
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like to see the title of the case enlarged so as to indicate that the per-oral
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tion, rather wide diffusion of the apical impulse is perceived, if there
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It usually begins early in the course of the disease and occasionally even
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of tenderness is strong evidence of infection in the bone;
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the patient himself was not satisfied. These are the
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I behalf of the injured wife that the court dismissed
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to hare any particular knowledge of operaiive S':rgery. Thrre
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into the liver where they lodge in the liver capillaries, Councilman and
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tion of medical readers. He had the mind of a poet, and a
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Skin, 2ded., p. 509. P. Blakiston & Son, Philadelphia, 1893.
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their loose cash, they are forced to the necessity of pander-
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rysm occur during the period of greatest bodily activity in the male sex. (3)
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of the antiquities of medical lexicography, a gathering of
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if we find two months afterward that there is lapping, what is going to
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culous. Bowditch traced 99 cases of acute pleurisy and found that
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the autopsy and found the right phrenic nerve, the iV. cardiacus magnus
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application until after such appearance before the Board. Under no circum-
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is worse than the disease. Adhesions may render operation difficult.
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size. There was no evidence or history of hyperthyroid-
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Spontaneous. — A term applied to diseases which take place
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now too well known to require comment ; suffice it to say that his con-
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Mahmoud Bey Mustapha, Dr. Hassan Effendi Kourchid, Mr.
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rally a murmur both with the entrance and exit of blood
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