who have observed their own bodily and mental' conditions. This is the curve of
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at it immediately it is covered with a damp towel for the purpose of
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denomination are admitted to visit their own sick. The
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vous inhibition ; this seems to be the secret of the true
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ing. It is a kind of educational quarantine, indicating the
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some form. One reason for this is the excessive number of col-
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in the female sex. Again, it may occur in youth or in adult
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mation. The sixth and last chapter of this volume is devoted
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be examined, and a positive finding will make clear the diagnosis. A
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months, and was conscientiously worn, whereas the Chinese soldiers and
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had been crying out with pain in the head until unconsciousness supervened.
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membrane, which is sometimes diffuse, at others limited to the vicin-
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Dr. Dobell seems to lay considerable stress on the occurrence of
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tive canal by the irritation that opposes the descent of its contents, and
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that Cameron's method of the use of a pessary to control
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but for the last four months it was more rapid. On admission
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three eighths by two eighths of an inch was found in the de-
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cated by a decline of temperature, disappearance of lassi-
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bladder, which rest would have a beneficial effect upon
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27. Corey-Bloom J, Galasko D, Thai LJ: Is it Alzheimer’s? A strategy
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discharge of serum and lochia. These tubes were emptied by aspiration
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sibly have some effect in decomposing miasmata and noxious
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fashion of the day; the Grecian boxers, who were justly
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■^•'11- "i Hi' thonu in caaeaoi disease, "". The arms j &, the arc of a circle graduated ;
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less e.yeball for the relief of pain. Ibid., 87. . A
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Jay F. Schambkrg {Jour, of Cutaneous Diseases, Oct., 1004). Summarizing
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his hands from his knees to his groin. This manoeuvre, which has been not
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Suppose a healthy person were suddenly to engage in unaccus-
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and they showed that the general practice for many years had
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disposing of the products ; and if we except Hunter, who believes
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very easily by adopting some systematic rules. These may be
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Here we have the patient in the greatest possible state of
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in health, but it is probable that any red cell that manages to live