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Make an incision in the skin four to five inches long
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quantity of inorganic materials in the specimen under exami-
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17. Nicholls, R. B.: Ovarian pregnancy with living child and
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I have spoken in another article* of the long continued lactation
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concentration and output of urine in a given period
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of cattle in India has. up to the present, not been ac-
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and acute diarrhoea. The solitary follicles may or may not be enlarged.
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volume, and not jerky. The urine was pale, acid, sp. gr.
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The Occurrence and Significance of Eosinophile Cells in
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be brought up to the normal standard, nor can the glasses which
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surgeon of any considerable experience has seen many cases of
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of pressing down the application is, by tying over it a towel or
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since in all the other cases that have been reported the tubercles were of the
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dominence of the cerebral symptoms, the tossing of the head and rolling
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as syncretism. Thus Asklepios migrated to Rome in the form of
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of sections or lacerations caused by injury or spontaneous hemorrhage. The
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occurred which cause labored efforts at breathing, the pathogenic bac-
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until a large portion of the jaw is denuded of its periosteum.
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Francois de Chaumont, M.D., F.R.S., F.R.C.S., &c.