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of phosphoric acid, and no preparation has ever been offered to the public which seems to
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arm would have been spastic. That is to say, it would have been
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disappearing at the inner ankle, or in some of the cutaneous nerves
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TABLE 1. — Diastatic Activity in the Urine of Normal Adults
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any propriety be employed to establish a general theory, respecting
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incubated feces or cultures from which the worms and ova had been
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another of these Sections. There are three at present
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Cost of the Medicines and other Necessary Information on Request.
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small mass. There was very little flowing, and in a few days
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that it will be fenced off from the healthy tissue. It then resem-
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growing flowers remain radial, and having found that inconstancy in the relative
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there are two general methods of relieving obstructions
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porous earth alone that will act in this way. Moisten it
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Observer for 1886, except where the difference between
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Or 90 feet through limestone and struck water in sandrock.
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lying nearer the lens. The sole hypothesis which, as far as I can see into the matter,
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son, Vaughan, and others in America, also a report from a committee
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Professor of Clinical Surgery, McQill University ; Surgeon to the Montreal General
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through nervous reflexes it is quite possible to eliminate them through
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sufficient where bread is made of refined flour; in this
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Autointoxication : •^- Richardson, in the Medical Record for Sep-
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2. Veterans Administration Cooperative Study Group on Antihypertensive
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The work of the Slav nations is unfortunately hidden from the larger
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increase the tendency to this disease, long, hard, contin
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Can anything be more simple than the explanation of this ?
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uncared for and of unhygienic environment. It is not un-
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ably, and will return to his consciousness at some future
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very valuable ones, but will require no further allusion than that which
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traction and induration of the tissues into which it is effused, or ab-
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those facts, and shapes his treatment accordingly ;
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obtain the desired type, by correcting the faults of one
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