Drs. Mitchell and Lewis to believe that the knee-jerk

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agrees with the writer upon what nature requires, let him examine our

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" Practice of Medicine," 1881, says, more concisely:

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Moreover, eczema is accompanied by intense itching. The same points

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less thick, mucous, muco-purulent, or purulent mass, the amount

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you will find that while they are more serious than fractures lower

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but little exception, very dry, the rainy periods being

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of pain in umbilical region ; no tenderness on pressure ; pulse

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sharpened under the hypodermic use of strychnia. In fact whenever the

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morphia hypodermically. It is well to remember the importance of sleep for

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no evidence of neoplasm or aneurism in the neck or thorax to

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sometimes obliged to give a somewhat larger dose, say, for

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recedes, 1 to 3 weeks being required for complete disappearance, during

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It is often seen in association with peritonitis and typhoid fever, and may

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tion and sedimentation were progressively less complete and formation

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month of her last pregnancy she first noticed a tu-

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hard substance high above the vaginal roof, and a diagnosis was made

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in an escape of lighting gas, would have been held to afford con-

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instituted epinephrin treatment in a series of cases.

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this paper is to narrate a case of another form of insanity

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a toxaemia or a septicaemia, for the lesions in either condition are due to the

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turned toward the rectum, and the neck toward the bladder.

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Health of Johns Hopkins University, delivered a lecture on "Science

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In one case after vaccination a neuritis of the radial nerve supervened,

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a month. The tumors increase in size ; when cut into, they

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Hunters, Buchan, Darwin, Brown, Jebb, Sloane, Abercrombie,

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disturbances involving various of the ductless glands, particularly the

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about the size of a hen's egg, with the head of the pancreas firmly

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Other Conditions by Duration of Marijuana Smoking (n = 895)*

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224. When the patient is transferred from a hospital his effects

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posed to transnasal bronchoscopy. Such a comparison could

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dinner-room, bringing the first tidings of the battle and

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used where other mydriatics are not permissible. Mydriat-