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of the first of these, it should be thus applied : Every scab is to be

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These, gentlemen, are the regular and incessant alterrttions which

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On the subject of ligatures, while extolling Mr. Lister's

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1866 b. — Recherches sur l'anguillule terrestre. These. 156 pp., 6 pis., 97 figs.

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brain. 2. Vascular and inflammatory changes in the centra^ nervous system and

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the buffer salts in the blood 1 may have been the result instead of the

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by improper food or by sand, an aperient, preferably an ounce of

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business of the annual meeting. After the completion of this

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by impatient and unwise treatment. I must own that,

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Comminuted fractures present an excessive mobility, and often

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(aged 14 months), was the youngest of the four whose histories have been pub-

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products. For this reason its free use in gout, renal disease, and diabetes

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through a main artery or vein, methods similar to those employed by

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strange place to look for the description of a disease, but it is not a

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886. Veal Broth — Ingredients — 1% lb. of veal, i doz. sweet almonds,

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Furthermore, the human frame, for its well-being, requires

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Or a larger dose (up to 2 cc.) at less frequent intervals

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arsenic have failed. In testimony of this he adduces,

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vertex half way between these two — the bregma ; the

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and this preparation is called spirit of the fruit used ; but

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many of the grave cases, the patient is not conscious of ba\ ing

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sore was tillej with granulations, but, notwithstand-

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jr believing this to be the case. In the first place, thyroid is pre-

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diet for women who are pregnant. Experience has shown

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Style, and that as music formed so marked a feature of the

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Corn-stalks, therefore, being very indigestible, tend to overtax and

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to be consistent with their profession of opposition to the Eclectics, they

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few sluggishly motile vermicules were found. In other solutions no

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trials, I have varied the diet in every way, as to quan-

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send the writer of any original article, if desired,

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question. The morphological differences among the neurones

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of Health of Pennsylvania, from the Secretary- of the New

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contention of those who advocate the 'outgrowth' theory. The

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monopoly, or is to share equal rights with other medical sects ; but it is, wheth-

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conveyed only fifty miles ; that an epidemic known as

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life of the animal, and the characteristics of its career.

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more often in the upper than the lower extr^nities.