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outbreak {op. cit.), in which there was evidence that it was not the hot

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On 31st July the condition of this patient ha<l undergone

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transitory gastric catarrh is accompanied by putrefactive changes in

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And the pulmonary symptoms were slight. There was now

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matter which can be better decided by those who are

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in the characters of the bacteria, those modifications may be

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On motion of Dr. Baldwin of Alabama, a committee was ap-

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garbage, so to speak, of one sort or another. Now and then a re-

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reported several cases of poisoning in a family from

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viz. strabismus, on examination after death, much fluid, but no

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practically on a level with the water, while the lower deck

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The discharge of mucus is the characteristic feature of the com-

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The accidents possible referred to are gaseous emboli, phle-

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Fiat solu'tio, Signa. Dose, twelve to twenty drops, three times

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well as for its direct action upon the heart. In a recent

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During the outbreak, a vessel containing a reliable disin-

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spread of tuberculosis within families. The chief factors in the

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Their story alone is quite enough to refute most of

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when the process of suppuration, which the mode of treatment

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that even a writer like Seneca is quite lost in his description of them.

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on the cliff, or your lion in his lair, the egg in each case is the source