iodide of potassium alone, give it in milk ; it adds greatly to
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A " volume of transactions " has little commercial value, and the
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tensive observations are opposed to those of Bouchut and Dulinsay, who
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well-marked pigmentation that is obvious to the naked eye. The liver
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after the injection, but this soon passes off. The operation
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daily at 70° F. Four months later he was entirely free from pain, had lost some
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freshly-prepared belladonna plaster placed between the scapulge, and
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abscesses have been found under these circumstances.
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Mental excitement is to be avoided, since it may produce a recrudescence
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Leading Symptoms and Complications in Detail. — (1) Joints and Sur-
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back of the hands or on the thighs, and not be seen on any other part of
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and these are the people I would patronize, and be willing to
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will accrue from allowing the compress to remain two hours and moist-
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treatment of their clients, and such societies, I think, will
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from four to ten days, though sometimes it is even briefer ; and in this
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8. The white blood count is not a reliable guide as to the
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sleep, which had been denied the patient even under large doses of
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of mineral waters in disease, they would become familiar with facts and
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that of any of the other exanthemata, particularly variola, measles, and
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manual method prevailed entirely up to the year 1867, and
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Liebermeister himself has changed his views, as is evident from his
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pain' or tenesmus ; then from three or four to a dozen or more fluid
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By this study of the life history of germs we find how they
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through the same channel. Practice deep breathing by gradually
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hyperplastic connective tissue. As to the tubercle bacillus,
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lows no drink at meals, but must wait until two hours after
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lieu of bed or sofa. By laying the upper edge of the board upon a
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