or it ought to be, the scientific guidance of the growth of the
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lymphocytes is present in the blood in a very early
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head. Where there is much delirium it is always a good plan to
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Adverse Reactions: Yohimbine readily penetrates the (CNS) and produces a
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the leg ensued, for which I amputated above the knee ; with,
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opening to enlarge progressively. In the latter case the patient's condition
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in a country practice save undermost fortuitous conditions and by dint
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which the practitioner invokes the aid of surgery in the pres-
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into his stomach. In the evening he was feverish, and I discovered that he
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hypodermic injection of morphia with atropia. (Morphia one fourth
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its general correctness. We sincerely trust that if
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their heads when their epoch-making studies were made. To
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externally, and Lonj^ used none else; yet the latter on his trial
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Probably in no other department of medicine has there
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' ' The Bacteriological and Clinical Studies of the
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when placed in water. This may take four or five months
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therefore rescind the action of yesterday, and adopt the star as
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On the previous day he had walked more than usual, and
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butat-, and tlie patient wastes with alarmin- rajMditv'.
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called carbolic acid, it will prevent the meat from decaying, and
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Oct. 21-24: Interstate Postgraduate Medical Assembly,
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cause sinuses, or fistula-, that would be slow to heal.
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the former. His first series of cases of cancer of the uterus
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diuretic of all. This case ran for four months, with an interrupted
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Anderson both in symptoms and course, and there could be
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Ptosis congenita. Arch. f. Augenb.. Wiesb., 1896, xxxiii,
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physician's forearms are placed against the patient's
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dentistry done by the former for the latter and his family. The whole
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aj>pearauce ; lipi blanched ; limbs pallid, and cutaneous suriace every-