fait le plus important de tous, celui qui domine tous les

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sprinkled with round cells. Giant cells were exceedingly rare, and

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tory state, both from the tendency to diarrhoea, and from the frequent succqs-

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posed it to be a rapid collection of blood in the womb and we're

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Tuberculosis in an Australian Opossum \Maj.J. Moore] .

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pertaining to individual and public health and the prevention of disease

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307, can be made in a few hours, by any ordinary mechanic, at the

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funcliones, partefque oinnes univerfalis ; at proprio-

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attention to the value of the introduction of a tube

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such cases, it has been supposed that the hypermetropia may be

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tary gland in this patient caused secondary changes

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I MUST say that I was more impressed with the way you introduce your Hypophos.

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resembling pea-soup was found in the peritoneal cavity.

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KINGMAN", Rufus A., 310 Columbus Ave., Boston — 18S1 — 8 to

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involuntary movements. It was noted that these were

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resembled tlie endothelial type of tubercle. One of the sections resemliled

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creased velocity which was maintained by them during their flight.

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the health consumer. NJHA describes cost-saving tech-

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ten years and two months. In the Atlanta Medical and Surgical Journal,

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No. 7, glass barrel, graduation engraved on barrel, with screw nut on piston, nickel-

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war. A number of illustrations borrowed from the British Journal

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Experiments made with butter showed that it has a high degree

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cod-hver oil, ichthyol, which is of real value in the psychas-

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cussion. Dr. F. W. Stuart will report a case of " Thrombosis

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ried, without being in the least depres.sed, all throngh

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arrested his gasping efforts, but the collapse of exhaustion, and