result from a repetition of the operation, a mode of proceeding

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35 copies furnished to editors of medical journals, and 184 copies remain

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to the difficulty of obtaining papers from our members. This is

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a proper amount of concentration of mind, of familiarity

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third, security, has diversified the forms of the bodies

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more times than we suspect in those cases regarded as simple reten-

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professor, and Drs. Bartlett, Osborne, Ely and Lusk were also men-

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the 41 fatal cases. In the very acute cases there was

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into the pelvis, and drew it back completely covered with

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to select always the very best in size, shape and general

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and (3) the discharge of protein is considerably hastened if the pylorus

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Karsh, Richard Bruce (Williams), East Rockaway, N. Y.

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is in the blood, and can only be carried by the mosquito (Aedes

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THE case here related is remarkable from the htct of the

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CH: Castleview Hospital (formerly Carbon Hospital), RFD2, Box 46, Price

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information regarding the structure of their bodies,

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ol his observations, would occupy too much space, and, after

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The blankets are opened out one by one and laid in the

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apt to grow stout than men. Age ; nursing babies and persons

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operating table, one of them being on a long cord for examination of

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EXHAUSTION, owing to overwork, either Physical or Mental,

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its slopes and the small fertile valleys at its base

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however, the lower mai'gin shows distinct depression, extend-

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about 3.5 cm., a lining of a distinct, although very thin, layer of new bone

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thrax-diseased animals had been buried in the mountains.

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Sir William Gull and Dr. Ord showed that in adults a remarkable

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Put it in your medicine chest, as described on page

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shattered into fragments ; the superficial vessels of the face are

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though I confess I generally care not, if the head of the bone can be car-

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control the inflammation and to dissipate the developing

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the involuntary muscles are the last to be affected. After

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lithiasis, Intebitatioital Clinics, 13th Series, 1903, vol. iii, p. 67; Transac-

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