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9. In addition to the recorded cases we have record of seven more out-

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the child had had some diarrhoea, I concluded that the trouble was

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drug at bedtime, because the patient should continue to

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Changes Arising from Emotions — "They are Able Because They Think They are

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returned to the city and all, both white and black, were affect-

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of epistaxis while in hospital. Blood (Sept. 29th) : Red corpuscles

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rendered comparatively rare by the improved condition of the

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The best course is not to give hypnotics unless the case be prolonged,

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Present Illness : Nine years ago she first began to bleed from the nose.

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But general peritonitis may be present with well-marked retention of the

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partially putting an end to this wanton combination of

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gentle stroking of the surface with the flattened hand. It

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K. He who digests with one organ only (stomach or pancreas),

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produce sloughing, and regarded this agent as a valuable

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with their red-tasselled caps, lined up in their hundreds and were

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sponged with a decoction of pimento leaves, several times

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the Commissioners of Public Charities in the State of New York, which is

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Symptoms. The incubation period is from twenty-four hours to three

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rior strait of the pelvis, owing to the exostosis already mentioned;

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properties of cyproheptadine 4 mg four times a day with

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would soon learn to appreciate it, and a man having a venereal disease

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A simple and, with care, good method is the use of frost

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deep urethral stricture not suitable for dilatation I

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