value of such symptoms, but to direct the use of our reme-

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pressing the thumb on the course of the artery, I felt assured that by securing

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but to indicate, also, that this disease is not confined to the

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manipulations, in the presence of sepsis should be avoided, as

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only change the iron can fuffer by being thus treated.

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and it is strict economy to indulge him, for no animal

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the Renjnratory Organs, By Dr. Loois Mandl. (Archives O^n^ruUs de

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medium; for, when labour and abstinence amount to hardship, they

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should care about that. Despite attitudes to the contrary,

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fibrous adhesions around the spleen and between liver and diaphragm.

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arnica wash for the eye. If possible keep the animal in a

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he would be complimented, at least on his good nursing, for

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the ventral roots. Jour. Comp. Neur., vol. 19, no. 6, pp. 685-720.

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his own observation, and gave a valuable epitome of the ol>ser\a-

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Mr. A 's father-in-law, immediately after churning.

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The review of the Case of Dr. Beale, the dentist, contained in our last

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of catarrhal affections of the bronchi, even in cases of senile catarrh.

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temporal area; epistaxia from right nostril, eochymosls over the temple and in

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the touch I could eafily perceive fix bumps in this

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So speedy, cleanly, and effectual a method of curing so loath-

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Arsenic. — Anxiety, restlessness, more after midnight;

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brain. The remainder of the paper was occupied in describing the

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vulsions in which hydrate of chloral had been employed.

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so, until its influence will " cover the earth, as the waters do

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absolute "impotence of medical science." Until now there was no

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error from the fact that insanity in collateral branches of a

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stool, the expulsive effort is really like the straining of a parturient

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pupils were small, equal, and not affected by light. The patient

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prevent conception or even limit the frequency of its occurrence. A

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have passed through the trials of puberty and of child-bearing without serious

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any other organ in the body, since these glands are situated so

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dy, lest by rolling too much, or being continually stirred

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in faithfully for three months, when the condition was entirely cured. The

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Margaret Eoad, Cambridge; Manby, Sir Alan Eeeve, M.Y.O., M.D.,

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Since that period (July 30th, 1857, date of the second

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camps. And, finally, the probable cause of the diversity in incidence

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