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Food for the Typhoid Convalescent. — To one quart of

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and chemical behavior toward the staining agent on the one hand, and

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nutritious and easily digested. There is no objection to carbohydrates, nor

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dusted with the pollen. To facilitate the counting, this area was

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tite, drinking steadily. After sleeping in a cellar,

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stand the distention any longer, twenty-four minutes after

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The surgeon should sit behind his patient, and should oper-

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months ; if the spot increased in size instead of disappearing, one might then

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of the ligaments, (capsular) and covering the joint. It can

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end of each chapter, wliich, while not exhaustive, arc amply sufficient to

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the stomach, the organ to which, in the fi.rst instance, we make our

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rapture of the bowel ; flatus, or serum tinged with blood or

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and then examined at leisure. The following results

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ramifying from the pia mater. More rarely, tubercles are detected in