The raising movement is also applied to the neck when in the forward flexion

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vaccination, and a large area of the belly and inner sides of the thighs is

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the difference in the circumstances of the children in private families,

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attention in adult life. The tumour usually forms a swelling under the

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patronage of the profession. We cannot feel otherwise than solicitoua

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been bled and purged without material benefit ; the febrile excitement

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They all have a powerful influence on the abdominal muscles and the digestion,

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rapidly spread, and in a short time both limbs became ulcerated, and so

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whilst for more severe cases, those usually seen on the second day, from 8000

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of late, this must take its turn. Owing to the length of several communications,

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of inherited syphilis, and more often when the mother or both parents are

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Maasachusetls General Hospital. — The following officers have been

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delighted, beyond all manner of doubt, to have the exact No. of their

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tions by W. Horn (1827), and von Steinthal (1844), these cases were all

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A striking feature of cancer is the fact that it is not circumscribed, and

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steady from the commencement of the second week towards the time of the

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The child was large, well proportioned, and presented a surface

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library, opportunities for seeing the practice of one of the districts of the Dispensary and of the Elft

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which is something of a recommendation in the eye of the world. But

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the wound is made. The inferior incisors are small and slightly notched, the

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small indiarubber tubing, one end of which has been slipped over a funnel,

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be kept clean its surface becomes smooth and glistening, the discharge gradually

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phorescent when rubbed in the dark. It has scarcely any smell. It is

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proportion of those, who have been properly vaccinated, will have vario*

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pect, similar to that found in old tubercular excavations, are sometimes

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