Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the minutes,
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Treatment. — Give eight drachms of aloes. The food should
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example, if a child had fever in consequence of a ca-
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ataxic symptoms, sent to him by Dr. Ross for examination
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cases. Among the total of 23,271 cases there were 1,641 of hemorrhage
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powers and to Parliament. It has, with full knowledge of their
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will be found to be a more frequent cause of chronic ill-health
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No eatables should ever be allowed in tents other than the kitchen and
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is unable to say why it fell behind carbolic acid in an-
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simply on account of the iodine; in other words, that the iodine is
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that induced by contaminated drinking-water is the most important.
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allowed themselves to err in the idea that intercourse should remain perfectly
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But whether it also sometimes originates on our own soil, is a
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the determining cause is one that can be removed ; and, on the
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herniae, which seemed at that time to offer to the afflicted
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were inflamed. Do not underrate the results which may accrue from
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to be rather infrequent, and one had to walk a few blocks to get to
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as it usually is, can come on so suddenly. Sometimes as itcomes
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he would be complimented, at least on his good nursing, for
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of similar patients with hitherto-undiagnosed diabetes, se-
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" push up " at the bottom of one of these bottles evidently some shot had
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7. Meningitis due to blood stream infection of the streptococcus
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body, quite chilly ; rectum, protruding ; and the animal was very
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whatever be the termination, the cases are all attended by
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pressure. He has worn these nails for two years, and they give him
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different tumors. All of them beyond their origin in the pedicle are
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the period of parturition shall have arrived, as he will en-
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lection was the entire amount collected, and the neces-
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within the State, and it is to be hoped that we shall soon
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sizes, to fit the meatus auditorius of old and young. It had no sharp border to
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as the quantity of carbonic acid-gas produced during respiration,
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special sense were remarkably delicate, the intelligence was perfect, and he
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Make the syrup and set on the stove to boil, peel the pears