and a few cases also at the village of Maggia on the coast, only

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accustomed to open the insulated pustules, whilst M. Bretonneau invariably did

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obstinate condition to treat, however, the patient usually

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formation of matter, and requiring free incisions. This treat-

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(nearly three inches) that after making the external incision with a scalpel, a

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palate between the air entering through the nose and the

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understand such things. This is not the place to enter i

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self had seen one case of consecutive variola, in a child under seven years of

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recorded in a recent No. of the Gazette Medicale (No. 32, 1841,) a case of ecto-

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and blew out,) so immediately cooled the tube; then ground it in a mortar,

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1841. A male infant died at the age of five weeks. Though born plump and

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to the sulphuretted hydrogen process, he has proceeded at once to act on

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the first and last. Pelvi-peritonitis, like haeraatocele, may occur

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puscles ; and that, after death, the kidneys were light yellow or

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deep, a rupture of the sheath occurs and the tendons are luxated.

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commended by Trousseau. But when the cases were accompanied

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it is most likely to be confounded is anchylosis of the stapes.

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gins of streams, lakes, and marshes, whilst he is exempt in the adjacent

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ment in December, and from the 21st of October, the day on which it was first

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might have been affected by the upper fibres of the retractor bulbi, (as in cap.

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Entertaining these views of the pathology of the disease, our remedies

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In the United States, the face of the country presents the variety of plain,

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a young lady, whose confinement, which had been natural, was followed by a

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entrance through the throat, the function of the tonsil

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Should we not, under these circumstances, rather exhort him" to submission

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the whole results of the operator's practice, are models of what

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noted fatigue, a general feeling of lack of ambition

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Spinal column. — ^The vertebrae were natural. The spinal cord was

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ceased ; and after three months the involuntary movements returned.

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occurred, which always relieved the paralytic symptoms, and they returned

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cially when considerable alarm existed in the public mind on the subject, Dr.

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judgment one is too apt to be led away by one's favorite sub-

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ambition among all, and especially among those who have

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