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is lost, and often the life of the patient is endangered by the delay.
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for at least two hours, and it should all be changed
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for this hemorrhage. There is no evidence of turnon
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whom there was an extremely large number, seats were
^ Murray : British Medical Journal, 1892, ii., P* 540. Hearn : Ibid., p. 452.
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The normal rate of cicatrization of aseptic wounds is not
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tion; {d) in cases of rupture and perforation of the gall-
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does not believe to be possible in the exudation into the alveoli.
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United States, it offers unsurpassed fodliUes to those deeiriBg to adrertisa
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* Health of the Englleh Soldier, Sanitur BeTlew, April, 1868.
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der. He had a good pulse, but looked rather knocked
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marked especially about the face, eyes, and lower extremities. Skin
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pathologist to determine. The latest sjnnptoms of dysphagia
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quire, what kind of remedies nature demands to aid her in resisting mor-
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able to suppose, if the individual vaccinated be the subject of in-
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local attempts to cure. The practitioner ought, when consulted under
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oblongata and cranial nerves of Necturus is found to apply with
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apothecary shall be given official directions as to its physical and
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quently attend this class of cases. In this section. Dr. Par-