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membrane of Arnold, Henle, Todd and Bowman, Luschka, Reichart,

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in 1774; so in Europe its reception and fate was like that of most

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tures he may have been subjected, but it is recorded

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2 . Five-year findings of the hypertension detection and follow-up pro-

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cation is to render the urine as bland and unirritating as possible.

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ficulty of explaining these has led to a revival of the doctrine of vitalism

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its further distribution. It is not sufficient to guard against the ship-

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among us, we must all agree with Stephen Leacock that "the chief

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students have been trained within its walls ; " their presence,"

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and a telegraph operator. Since March, 1895, ne ^ as complained of

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books. We are indebted to the indefatigable labors of King,

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population being affected, and it is also one of the maladies with which the

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rests upon the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone, and this accounted for

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Facial paralysis. — It is unnecessary in this place to indicate the

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hospital patients having infantile paralysis, tuber-

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9. Case in which Blood was found in the Lymphatics. — A man, aged thirty-

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Infect. Dis., 1915, 17, 514. Cole, R. : Trans. Cong. Am. Phys. and Surg., 1916,

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a pyogenetic organism ; this does not prove that it is so in a

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ture of the atmosphere, or masses of decomposing debris,

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and pointing out that there was a vast amount of pre-

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membrane is seen by the surgeon just as the vagina can be by

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vena cava, which is formed by the junction oi g.g. the right and left innominate veins, and each

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a point with which I was already familiar, viz., the marked

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she ate very seldom of meat, being allowed a lamb-chop on

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which the mind of man has been applied so long and so faithfully

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dences of the same fundamental processes are to be seen. As one

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reaching far below the umbilicus ; and Dr. Bremond showed me

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with diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis vaccine

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ed, that when completed, the whole work will constitute a highly respectable

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nary phthisis, and the existence of nervous centres

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loosa and Oshkosh, could not hear — this action at Albany was

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sepsis, and alcohol is, therefore, of the highest possible

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suffering relieved. Mr. Moynihan in his work deals only with those,

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How can we Effect more Cordial Relations between the Medical and the Pbarmaceutl-

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temperature still rose (101.8*' before death). About 5 P.M. he

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paroxysm as usual, and accompanied by much less pain and suffering

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so as to keep them quiet, and keep corn by them all the