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by this means. When the spleen becomes very greatly enlarged,

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posing), which induces blisters or festers. Biles, carbuncles, and other excrescences

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on this, as on most other points relating to the topography of the

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New York, Dr. Swett, in his lectures before medical students, has admitted that

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physicians (who have abandoned the knife and taken to medical treatment) have been

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structed, are a curse, rather than a blessing to the world.

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surrounding and dipping into the substance of the muscle.

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humour was very turbid. In this state the patient (who had pre-

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which, in the form of great varices, permeate the interior of the

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powder having a faint odor of iodine. It is a compound of sodium

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Typaldos found to be labouring under pellagra, all without ex-

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Case 24. — James W — , set. seven weeks. Pound dead in bed

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Disease, Belz's. A disease characterized by painless ulcerating

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she was admitted into the Amsterdam Hospital, I examined her abdomen and

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artfully excited, or won her consent because out of the very kindness and love of

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treated by T. Fentem, Esq., of Eyam, who, in addition to other treat-

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This treatment was continued and in the following week

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nitrate of potash given in solution, and ordinary diet prescribed.

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about the centre of the Windward Islands. It subsequently spread

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The staple food of the higher classes of Hindoos is rice ; of

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— to contribute something to those poorer than ourselves — to assist in enlightening

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Especially one of the influenzal infections was of the virulent