fuel value of 5,050 calories, and was both abundant and varied.
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T. M. Taylor, an instructor of chemistry in Oberlin College, has
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place in a child that has survived birth and has really been murdered ; but in
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I'ouest, Nantes, 1889, 3. s.,iii, 62. — Ije Fort. Diidnrilion
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Ithe sulphate of magnesia, by tests applied to its solution. It is readily dis-
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Dr. Edward Evans, of La Crosse, read a paper on "Report of a
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absorption band in the ultraviolet end of the spectrum and that solu-
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prove fatal in spite of any remedy that may be enforced. This election
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,. , . , ; of the two institutions has been accomplished
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its perfect or sexually mature condition. Thus, in one ex-
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parts after the sentient principle has totally dis-
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diminish their strength. One way was to mix two wines
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May 27, By cash to Lea Brothers & Co., expenses of
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Bl. f. schweiz. Aerzte, Basel, 1896, xxvi, 758-764.— Kee-
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parent cells. When it follows the action of assimilable materials
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of different organs and tissues. A very little acquaintance with pathology
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in the same journal, for 1867, gives a much different result : 1 year, .oy,
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ever, with an allied subject — the means of sustaining, and of
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a suture for its control, but he has been greatly chagrined on at
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want of its performance. Of course, the duty of resorting to the opera-
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An activated clotting time of 150 seconds was main-
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erned by predjudice instead of sober reason, and thus to pass them by
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employed we see that in the cerebral capillaries there are parasites
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Claribel Cone ; " On Serum .Substitutes with Special Ref-
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cent, higher in the members of Group II than it did in those of \
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examination is required, in 9 certain diplomas are accepted, all