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upward, and, according to Mechsig, it probably carries impressions from

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symptoms to be expected in the affections giving rise to the congestion.

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arterio-sclerotic patch and in the necrotic tissue. Thus are produced the

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pnoea and a bloody, frothy sputum. Death may occur instantaneously, as

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becoming tuberculous. Such children are commonly called scrofulous or

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parently healthy person, associated with pain and tenderness in the lower

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not, or should not, be practiced by all alike. It shows as if the worker

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be his opinion, lithotrity is so simple in its performance as scarcely

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the so-called respiratory stimulants, namely, atropine, strychnine, co-

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disorder are the suddenness of its development, the history of marked

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In those severer cases which present the characteristics of a localized

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the uro-genital apparatus, is hair-like, four to eight centimetres long.

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centre to the periphery is said to be sometimes reversed.

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by the blood-vessels with some part of the abdominal wall or contents,

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mucous membrane as well as in deranging digestion. When, therefore,

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scope, an instrument recently invented by Dr. Desormeaux, of Paris,

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is swollen, injected, and somewhat opaque from the associated catarrhal

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invented a method of rendering service-pipes of lead free from the

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day). Colchicum given for a length of time is often very effective. In

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the structural details are lost. To this condition the term caseation, cheesy

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disturbances are very pronounced ; there may be even an acute dementia ;

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Fig. 1 shows the lithotrite with its beak upwards, in a position not

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of the contents of the hsematocele into the rectum is likely to be followed

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with tubercle bacilli, and death may eventually result from pulmonary

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whose course and lesions closely simulate those of chronic gout.

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accordance with the seat of the artery which is affected. Whole tracts

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without producing evidence of any considerable external injury. In the

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reaches close to the top of an alluvial soil containing much organic matter.

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hazel-nut, the additional presence of miliary tubercles at the periphery

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The ingenuity of the skillful auscultator goes farther, in deter-

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tion occurs along with hysterical sensory and even ataxic aphasia.

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of the leukocytes. The diagnosis of the especial variety of leukaemia

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In addition to various degrees of the above-mentioned alterations, a