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of calomel with bicarbonate of soda (triturated), with
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1 Dublin University Magazine, voL xviii. I have to thank
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Summary. — The results of these experiments may be summarized
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he placed great confidence, declared that a seven months' foetus was
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cavities completely separated from one another by a partition. The dorsal cavity contains
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head first, but with some difficulty on account of the deformity
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Lyon, Gastox. [Chef de din. med. a la Faculte de med., Paris.]
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usuall}'' increases under this debilitating treatment: its highest figure
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they all died. I told the young man whom I sent to go and warn
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He was in doubt whether she would be able, while in
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Adults: 30 mg usual dosage; 15 mg may suffice in some patients. Elderly or I
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somewhat less prevalent (20%) in those with insulin-
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