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steroids for presumed vasculitis, and his condition stabilized.
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Many surgeons believe this to be impossible, but more evidence is
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riably treated by means of a canula penetrating into it after extraction
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cause deviations of the foot, impaired power of movement, adherent
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and the simplest method for the radical cure of hernia, pro-
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effect and value in each special indication. The clinical ex-
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to me to be one which only happens very rarely. It need scarcely
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transferred to liquefied agar, which was then rolled or poured into Petri's
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Association of the Alumni of the Albany Medical College, Forty-
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of the fortnight ; 75 per cent, by the end of the fourth week ; 90
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ism more nearly akin to the pneumococcus than to the Streptococcus pyogenes.
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When the peritonaeum is roughened by inflammation or
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87, scarlet fever 61, fever 35, small-pox (Sheffield) tour.
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education of the normal infant, it would be but a waste of
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bis time, for this purpose, between Vienna, Berlin and Utrecht.
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6. Such horses often have a " rotten moisture " coming from the
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case. The Murphy button did not seem to me very satisfactory either,
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one ; that is, excluding the periods of elevation and depression,
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were again resorted to. The pain irradiates to the elbow, sometimes
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maniacal, tearing up her clothes and otherwise misconducting
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fever) 15, abdominal typhus (enteric fever) 13. In-
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be a change all along the line until a new equilibrium was established.
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The few tests here given of the water in the Central Park reservoir