symptoms were much benefited by the puncture. The authors believe
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separate fascicles which are then united in the ganglion. The
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Dr. Luther C. Peter stated that it seemed important that the other phase
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pressing the thumb on the course of the artery, I felt assured that by securing
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eastern Washington clinic. Full- and part-time posi-
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ally the patient grew deafer, and at last suffered great pain in the left ear and
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their alterative and germicidal value, they have specific virtues not
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brought in during intervals in the firing or after nightfall.
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38. Wollslein, Martha: (a) "An Experimental Study of Parotiti.s (Mumps)."
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be also conscientious, by inquiring, when incapacitated from discharging
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peared, after stimulation, when the clamp was removed. This experiment
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tion of the public Avater supply. At Lawrence, Mass., the filtration
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of luxated or fractured semilunar cartilage, because a fractured semilunar car-
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dorsal part of the right pyramid. He quotes a similar case, reported by
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iu brandy and water for diarrhoea; one tablespoonful
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physical exercise. It is of unknown origin in many cases,
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allowed to persist the more difficult is ultimate cure. Further, the writer at
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following ointment may be smeared over it once or twice a day.
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ments, etc., act in the same way; they cause local dilatation of the super-
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A second edition of the Pharmacopoeia was issued in 1722, and a third in
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The mortality arising from this disease is in direct ratio of the
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was not until 1809, in his twenty-sixth year, that he
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means to retard the further development of the organ-
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*59°74 Flower, Sir W. H. Essays on museums. Lond. 1898.
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