intelligence and judgment in meeting the indications of each case, by
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temperature. The temperature taken in the mouth is fallacious. The
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remember, is the amount of heat required to raise one kilo-
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than formerly? Personally I have little doubt but that it is.
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expenses were great. The fees were from three to five dol-
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in larger masses which become caseous, and hence the method of cavity-
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streams of warm water, plain or medicated, which are delivered with
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many cases the stools are semifluid (pultaceous), and rarely they contain
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planation of the case had been gone through with, the abdomi-
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creasing seventeen hundred times in volume. In the form of ice it
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3. The report includes the record of every case returned, except those
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The liver is also engorged, but not to the same extent as the spleen.
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apples of the apple-tree. The spores, the mycelia, the spawn,
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plague rats had the disease both before and during the epidemic (F. G.
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very often these manifestations are not due to heart feebleness, but to
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lies upon the affected side until the pain has in great part subsided, and
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hydrotherapist, it is not my purpose to enter into so minute and de-
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rioles. The liver is enlarged, soft, and turbid, and pigmentation occurs,
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not exceeding 103° F. (39.4° C), and the temperature-curve is of the
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complications, and (3) circumstances peculiar to the individual.
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allowable rather than take the three years' term. Many men
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currents ; and perfect cleanliness both of the room and of the utensils
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have much free acid and tartar salts, and are considered allow-
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tar products, pushed to the toxic limit, modified the disease but slightly.
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day reaffirm their faith in a method of treatment which has received the
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Professor Leyden. He emphasized the fact that " the effects of hydro-
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carbohydrates being the chief fuel factors. As fuel, the nu-
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These practical observations of well-known physicians and sur-
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virus, by drying and pounding the spinal cords of rabbits.
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from their home to see him and do what they could to help
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ness in this primitive experiment is completed by the well-known ob-
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four inches long, very little is available even in an amputation
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over the hills. Hill-climbing will be strongly urged upon
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minutes' duration, in water at 95°, gradually raised to a higher tempera-
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Decay of Fruit — Mushrooms, Morels, and Truffles — Nuts — Chestnuts,
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fusion can produce two of its iiind in one hour, and in the
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