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Synonyms. — The name Framboesia was originally given to this disease
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hypnosis, as advocated by Lieboldt and Bernheim. The
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responded well to treatment with fluid and dextrose replen-
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acute inflammation, it suppurates at the apex of the root, and
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moderately smooth, but still in parts uneven from numberless shallow depressions ;
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digestive process (see page 501), and others may result from the meta-
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infiltrated, and an intensely dark ring is around the stitch
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Physical Examination. — Well developed and poorly
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which I have had constructed for the purpose. These models
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Frohable Infection of the West by Thoroughbreds. 61
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by Sir William Dawson on the " Foundation of McGill Univer-
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ray Humphrey, Esq., M.B. Cantib., F.R.O.S., Surgeon to Addenbrooke's
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as it was one of the earliest, remains one of the most complete
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homeless and sick poor, and not invade the home with the arrogant
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forward it to one of our many medical journals, and if it is
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damp places. All classes of horses, mules, ponies, sheep, and
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Five weeks ago he had a bad sore-throat, and was brought to the hos-
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ordinary pneumatic speculum but having a paracente-
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are two forms in use — the circular single tent and the double
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prevailed at Paris in the practice of M. Desormeaux in 1829, "by bis
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type, is noted in patients who are cured of a primary
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transhepatic cholangiography, computerized tomography
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pressure is necessary to cause sensation in the skin of the soles
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tions, with an interval of fourteen days; after which the ure-
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tis A vaccine is required for higher antibody levels. For
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a pronounced case of diarrhoea. The appetite is sometimes slightly
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shaped and distinctly fluctuating. The border of the liver,
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will sometimes procure sleep, when another, especially after repeated use,