DOSE.-One to two FLUID drachms, in WATER, three or more times a day.
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in milk and sweetened with sugar, are excellent for dy-
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sound judgment without fear. After she had gained the
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Sodii Bicarbonas (Sodium Bicarbonate). A white, odorless pow-
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precipitation of the substance or by its becoming surrounded by an en-
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the habitual use of alcoholic drinks prior to the infliction of the
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From the origin we have classified our patients into
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at all see horizontally ; a mere point of light he saw as a vertical
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continuously present, but which varied much in severity. When it
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Metabolism, basal, in exophthalmic goiter; J. H. Means and J. C. Aub 645
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studies after graduation is, to say the least, as crying an evil as de-
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tunate newi, and mentioned it in one of his sermons in
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No physician can be successful in treating hysteria who
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Several writers have drawn attention to the uneven distribution
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One cannot always determine from the first how high the devitalized
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law no marriage license can be granted in that State
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that it is largely due to contagious diseases of the eye,
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had a chill, followed by a rise of temperature and an
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The mineral acids are all escharotic, though seldom employed,
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tion of a structure. The most vulnerable portion of the fifth pair
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ing compelled to go to these foreign institutions. In
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the Journal of the American Medical Association, are being
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(4) Post up both regulations in conspicuous places in workroom.
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was albumen in the urine, but that it gradually de-
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" bine them, has from time to time offered him new remedial
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tric and pancreatic juices, bile, mucus, saliva, tears,
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(No. 1093); Cummins, July 30. 1895 (No. 1541); Cottonwood
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putations of the upper extremities, we have a difference
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A. — No; worms only accumulate in a diseased organ.
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also digested by trypsin and erepsin. They have the same optical" activities
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not be attacked too soon while it is yet, chiefly at least,
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Description. — Ginseng is an erect plant growing from 8 to 15 inches high and
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Decerebrate Rigidity in Man and the Occurrence of Tonic Fits.... 176
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Since the change of name of the Service the bulletins of the Hygienic Laboratory
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