Local diagnosis. — When the symptoms and signs justify a diagnosis

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mechanism. Its function is of the involuntary order, so

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Dr. L. A. McAlpine, Dr. T. D. Walker, Dr. W. L. Ellis, Dr. J. H.

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cases. A number of writers have adduced the influence of arterio-

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to present one man and just as many women as he could maintain. He

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Brain of rabbit No. 2. Showing the presence of vacuoles and the gradual disin-

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makes its appearance on the face and neck, and gradually ex-

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the Annual Report of the National Society for the Employment

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death is the common alternative, but it enriches our resources

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orrhage, the cut or torn parts resembling somewhat the action of

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the operation, and had gained considerably in weight. —

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may be heard, if the ear be brought in contact with the other ; while no

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our profession. In appearance they are like any other goat,

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patient's request, operation was decided upon, and the separated

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tures and in rabbit inoculations with portions of the ulcers, hog-cholera

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He had no children. The fourth son, aged 30, a seaman now with the

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X. was introdttoed to the noUoe of the Facolc/ in 1880« by J, MUkau, UU

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accumulation of fluid and only a very thin layer of brain-substance beneath the

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Philadelphia, /or One Dollar a year ; also, furnished gratuitously to all sub-

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"It need scarcely be remarked, that all the proceedings for causing irrita-

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was making its fearful ravages upon that continent, which

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normal standard when cane sugar was allowed in the diet.

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indeed, is it only in St. Fancras that we have this going on. Have we not our

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CHITIS, EMPHYSEMA). INDERAL should be administered with caution since it may block

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which results in nitric acid, and of the latter in the union

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the umbilicus the ventral abdominal wall waa uninjured, and the

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to the whole upper extremity ; it animates the rhomboid muscles, the serratus

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'* Diseases of the Nervous System. London, 1887, vol. ii. On