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right ventricle to lie " like a loose cover on top of the firmly-con-

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scrotum. Dr. C. H. F. Routh,who reports the case, mentions that of one born

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constantly obstructed by black, tarry matter. In fact, the

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be said here that in this, as in the experiments to follow, several of

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digestion. In this case the nourishing chyle (rasa)

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of coughs coming on from time to time. Some weeks earlier the

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cient to account for serious disorder of the nervous centres of

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of nourishing vegetables such as potatoes, cabbages,

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law, emphasized it, and brought it particularly into

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The leading representative of the cellular theories is the phagocytic

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collected a number from the literature. The possibility of such a condi-

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degree accountable for the differences in the virulence of this disease, for whereas

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was unable to open her mouth, and they were obliged to give her

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murmur, with an occasional ronchus as heard in the right

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tributed to it, the i)rocess is termed indirect vimcular faradization ; when

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Heart. — The heart muscle was practically always affected. In over

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