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four. In 1885, she had an abortion at three months.
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blood. The absence of platelets from the latter blood suggests that
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courses for those already established in special practice.
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Hughes, M.D., St. Louis, Lecturer on NeurologJ and Electro-
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has been the theme of writers, from a financial stand-
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throat and pulmonary mucous membrane, and a tendency to constipation.
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of symptoms, patient’s desire for children and the
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is, as might be expected, in eveiy way matter for congratulation.
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with thorough radiographic and imaging studies to exclude
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fingers. The valves protecting this orifice were evi-
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to be expected in the insanity of lactation. Poor women
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progressively more difficult ; so that success in treatment of septicaemias,
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numbers are shown in the form of a chart, and, since the rise and fall of
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stances involved are often called internal secretions.
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mechanism of anaphylaxis. They state that 'Hhe study of the histo-
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increase, though constant, lias not been progressive — its rate has
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caustics, and that by the actual cautery, or heated iron, or the
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was frequently not borne at all. Peptones he could not
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tion more thoroughly carried out. Every house in which cholera appeared was
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and erythema nodosum, these generally differ in their distribution or
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graft, there is no material loss beyond that of one year'sj
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arnica oil, one ounce, tincture of cayenne pepper, six.
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Case 2. — W. M., set. .36 ; puinp enginenian, Pumpliorston ; admitted
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instancing the difficulties in diagnosis arising under such cir-
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Bangkok with reference to the occurrence of intestinal parasites, and
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traumatism, and which remained until his death. During the
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vocalization. He sticks and stutters very specially upon his
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Hen-ray has a collection of surgical instruments, and his one delight is
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chemical reagents to detect the presence of amyloid in the walls
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Purpose: To advance an xmderstanding of the relationship between living
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lar ulcers vary in size from that of a sixpence to that of a crown ; and by
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are very good, only some may think that in siich a small text-book,
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and the British army will cease to throw', the elimination of carbonic acid is also