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Aix clinicians have noted that certain rare affections will occur
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X-ray can destroy small enlargements of lymphatic glands,
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gall-bladder, complicated with gall-stones, resulting in abscess
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Not even when administered in double dose, does the salt produce such intense
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geneous " stew " of the Middle Ages, mainly adopted ostensible monogamy.
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mosis, with rather better success, but still having an occasional case
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ciation, Vol. VI, pp. 75-81, and the numerous incidents by
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I was sent for on the 16th, to attend Mrs. P , aet 30, who,
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altitudes is that their lungs, which are habitually inactive,
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first brought into notice by Rosenberg. He found that his patients
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Testimonials as to professional standing, from pro-
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guinea pig serum as complement, we still have .to depend upon the
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be employed in the stables of the wealthy as a flooring
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Hospital. B.A. 1949, New York University; M.A. 1950,
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application of an electric stimulus varies to a marked degree in differ-
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show that the addition of an inactivated negative serum to a S3^hilitic
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On the whole, I am inclined to place the case provisionally
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and the base of the military operations; and (8) the personnel of the
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ment the inevitable tendency of the disease seems to
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face takes on a healthy granulating appearance, and the sore heals, partly by
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no hard and fast line can be drawn between diarrhoea and dysentery.
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that in putrefaction the process always is concerned
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cast off, we shall either have ulceration, sloughing, or gangrene of the
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" I again thank you for the honor you have thus conferred
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probable dependence of the two conditions on some defect in the
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body, where it remains for a time withdrawn from circulation.^
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atrophied ; they may or may not lose their mechani-
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