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Gumma of the Choroid is very rare. It may exist in conjunction with
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The fact of Dr. Carter's work having reached a fifth edition
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Slyke 5 ). Suffice it to say that although other factors, including, per-
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44 days. But the lait time the purgation is fhorteT
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given him, and was attended by the leading professional and
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center of the detachment; the junior medical officers, according to rank
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publication of the proceedings and urged every member to make
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this may also lead to their dilatation and that of the renal pelvis.
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tion and usefulness, and of the knowledge and assist-
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had had paralysis of one recurrent laryngeal nerve for
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The Standard that should Obtain. — No sincere and
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the body, the liver in the present case contained much more gas than in the
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two different bacteria isolated and in 1 case throe were
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the homoeopathic law, which is not *' the specific relations
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vena cava, which is formed by the junction oi g.g. the right and left innominate veins, and each
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A glioma of about 8 cm, long axis was removed from this situation.
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entirely independent of the general state of the animal's health, while the re-
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teria, and refers to cases in which cure has taken place after all treatment has
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vere, a femicupium, or fluping the belly with flan-
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ganglion appears. It first is seen as a group of cells in the con-
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rhe wavy course of the tubes. The dentine of repair is clear and trans-
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alcohol causes blood vessels to occlude when administered in
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(i) cerebro-spinal neurasthenia (with its subdivisions, cerebral