the front. He found that the virulence of this bacillus was greatly impaired by
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as typhoid, the mechanism of which has not yet been settled. Several
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words, we get the condition known as Glenard's disease.
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Miller-Kowal, Suanne. Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics.
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mained for Morton in the most unexpected manner imaginable to
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admitted into hospital in consequence of the foot having become
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two days than the average sample takea from the waggons about town,
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which enables us to assign to hemorrhage an important
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be reqaired to lift the member from its support for even so long a period as
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else it might run out if ever neglected or forgotten ; and if
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satisfactory. Less so-called chemical restraint has
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workhouse, the several city prisons, and the peniten-
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found expedient, said Librarian to be under the direction of the Director
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by the various tendons, that he had never put one heel to the