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217 are from Original Photographs. Volume II. The Gen-
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"spells'" commenced at the period of the menopause.
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Figure 4. Advantage is taken of the elasticity of the skin in another direction.
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Examination: Conjunctival and pharyngeal anaesthesia.
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The pupil responds slowly or not at all to light and is contracted.
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Barnum. — In Sedalia, Missouri, on Tuesday, August
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G.vHN, Henkv, Pharmacist. Granted sixteen days" leave
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Is located in the beautiful suburbs of Hartford and easily access-
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as early as 4 a. m.. until 9 or 10 o'clock. If milk
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6. Fracture of the Ribs with Intercostal Neuralgia,
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sanatorium consists of a main building, thirty-nine bv
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useful in all cases, but only in localized infections
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8. A Plea for the Study of Geriatrics, By J. L. Nascher.
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ant physicians as well as the later investigations of