raises the buttocks by grasping both sides of the draw-sheet, while the

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The patient is first well sponged in a bath of hot soap-suds, then quickly

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inflammation, in others oedema, in yet others suppuration, ulcerative

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Puerperal Nursing. — The fact needs wider recognition, that though

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explain the development of these secondary micro-organisms, most of

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tetanus bacilli always, and diphtheria bacilli generally remain at the seat

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out of the vagina. As soon as the patient has been placed in bed, an

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isotretinoin is an oral acne medication that causes

meningeal exudation a micrococcus resembling in some degree the pneu-

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throw some doubt upon the efficiency of such measures ; and although

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Russian baths the patient is placed in a chamber heated with watery

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proper age or season. The following valuable remarks, by Dr. Jack-

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strong soups, oysters, and pounded meat are suitable forms of nourish-

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the previous tenant, was treated for cancer of the stomach, to which

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skin, and a natural temperature equally diffiised over the surface of the

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self cured of a leucorrhoea, with which she had been affected for the

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but more distinctly. There was ample evidence of migration of the

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thorough, and it is useless to trust it to the nurse, as is frequently done.

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infection. Is there not the same difficulty in other infectious diseases,

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other. There is in them no uniformity or common principle of action.

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never despair except when the wasting and paralysis grow worse in

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and its pillars, the tonsil, fauces, and pharynx, and the larynx; and may

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pulse rate, respiration rate and temperature, with blueness and a clammy

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induction coil, but by using a secondary coil of many windings and a

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may elapse before the first beginnings of hypersemia can be detected ;

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general stimulant in cases of extreme depression either from haemorrhage,

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case, however, the value of this form of counter-irritation is great. In