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and prescription writing, 313; Morris, H., human anatomy, 642:
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"Pooh cakes and candles!"-Gary, Elizabeth and Jessica
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the excretion curve after an artificial hyperglycemia induced by the
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Chest Ailments in the jSursery," " Baby's Trousseau,"
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ferred to as an excellent illustration of the scientific resources available
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following paper. " On the blending and conversion of Types in
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6. I am convinced that a great many women die every year from rup-
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next day the child complained of severe pain in the right ear. The pain
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attending infants' departments. While not suggesting that the disease
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Sec. 8. That section 25 be amended by adding thereto the
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of mobility and return of strength. The atrophy above the
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It was not till the establishment of University College in the neighbouring
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urine in these cases there are two acids — taurocholic and glycocholic
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gence to which we are ourselves accustomed, or, conversely,
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and then examined at leisure. The following results
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body is the oblong, cylindrical part, growing out of the front part
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raised to the normal standard. And the increased amount of al-
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the mucous membrane of the m.outh was affected, and one in which the
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ducing animals, they make better meat, grow faster and larger, and their
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had proved the antiseptic qualities of oil of tar ....
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geb. d. Med. u. Chir., Jena, v. 5 (21), 8. Nov., p. 849. [W m .]
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sion acted as a valve, and thereby exactly adapted itself to the interior of the
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irregularities that records were made. The changes observed, however,
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logical efYect of the thyroid, as determined by the increased suscepti-i
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in the throat of an infant that you have been asked to examine
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with many difficulties. At this laboratory we have had success alter-
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of metals from their supposed crude state, to a more
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oedematous appearance. If the suppuration has been previously