Announcement. We call attention, with pleasure, to a
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of May 8th contained one-third of a grain. The urine
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hours to vomiting. This is rarely very severe or prolonged, and is
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which she is using as efficaciously as possible against these invading micro-
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Keith Crimson of Duke University ; Dr. Leo Loewe of
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join the Association; and all physicians and surgeons interested in chil-
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fluid into the uterine cavitv, and chancres on the cervix."
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Case 95 (Fig. 6) is of interest in this connection. During the
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of shells of the Orthis genus, might be distinguished as
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acacia is used. After mixing with the blood, the concentration of this
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Dr. Spitzka, in closing the discussion, said that in
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CAL News will be liberally paid for upon publication.
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confirmed by Harmer'^ as similar to the case above reported
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these cases by a want of tact on the part of the friends.
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diagnosis must be made if possible, for the chances of recovery are far
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face of the womb exhibited the following appearances: 1. Slight soften-
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4. Braunwald E. Morror AG: Origin of heart sounds as estimated by analysis
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of vaginal hysterectomy recorded ; one for fibroid uterus and
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it is not associated with a delayed time to peak filling rate.
as paramount, his treatment must invariably be subservient
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The following is an interesting case of albuminuria apparently unconnected with
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of shock and internal hemorrhage. The abdomen was opened
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actual settlers only, have afforded such protection to canal