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leading scientists of our time, will end up discredited as well.
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univalent anion) should cause additional swelling of gelatin chloride
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micularis, trichocephalus dispar, and trichina spiralis.
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of its power to infect upon subcutaneous inoculation by previously subjecting
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one session ^ my excuse is twofold — (1) That the disease — if it can
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by Dittrich and Traube, who specially called attention to the
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of chronic intestinal stasis. For this purpose I recommend an
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Bronchi, in anaemia of the lungs, 264 ; in atrophy of
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tw^o epochs are compared the latter falls into almost absolute insignifi-
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to boil, since it more readily removes grease or blood, makes the
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were 18 cases, making a proportion of 13^ per cent.
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character of that which we call mind^ its qualities are not of such a
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mating the probable duration of life in the case of an applicant
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18. Swat/owing Pebble- Stonea, By W. A. Rackuam. (London Lancet,
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the dilatation * * * Sorry am I to find myself obliged to say
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ered by the majority of physicians to be the cause of
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the deep-blue sky ; presently they were tipped with the sun's rays,
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of blood from the surface to the internal organs, so the kidneys suffer
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tw^o epochs are compared the latter falls into almost absolute insignifi-
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The total mortality for this period was 7.4 per cent., there being
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and this preparation is called spirit of the fruit used ; but
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led, when the young man was bitten, he should have cauterized the wound
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pelTic viscera was awakened, producing sloughing of the cervix uteri,
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