use with his paper on pityriasis rosea,' with which it was reproduced.

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touch with the public water-main system. There are various shallow

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all subjects, but such was his modesty in expressing them that

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other side, most general practitioners occasionally meet

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and causes the removal of all other structural elements. To this detritus

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may be considered a part of the abdominal wall and not an intrinsic part

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to June 11th, 1920. It is under the auspices of the Canadian Na-

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nosis of cancer of uterus. J.A.M.A., 133:75, (Jan. 11) 1947.

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conditions rest, judiciously alternated with gentle exercise

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of the tissues, both during rest and during their varying degrees of

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conserve these lives have been crowned by the most valuable results,

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author adds two cases, which occurred in the polyclinic of the

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watching, mourning, sadness, anger, and all other perturba-

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hospitals, are not always successfidly treated, for even

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loss of one or more of their relatives from phthisis. My attention

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Type I immune serum. The results are given in Text-fig. 1.

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mal men show a very decided increase in the total proteins, which

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change and/or modify the Indiana Code to exempt physicians from the jurisdiction

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Landis, and especially when he upholds clinical as opposed to what he calls

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the first convulsive movements ; but there was occasionally a distinct

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In this connection Dr. Hutchinson, in Pepper's System of Med-

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The two cases I have detailed are not sufficient to prove that

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smooth-bore weapons, and, as a necessary result, the great power