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invention and introduction of the pneumatic cabinet

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XI. — Case of Pott's Abscess of the Brain — T^rephifdng —

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Assistant Physician, Pennsylvania Hospital. 1802 Pine

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Were it left at that. State of fear would be just another thriller.

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It remains, then, to determine the channel through which these

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Sometimes we have the appearance of cancer cells arranged as in a

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a series of years in the same hospital from tracheotomy in diphtheria.

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by the greater difficulty of digestion in one case &aa.

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foundation of the Continental schools, we have endeavored to im-

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turbidity, and the filtrate treated with ammonium chloride solution.

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sition in its full extent, we are well assured that much is yet to be

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sequestrum could be felt in the tibia, inclosed by a considerable thickness of

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the true sphere of professional nursing, would not usurp the

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