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Fracture Splint^ Crutches, Syringes, Enentaa, Skeletons, Fine Cutlery, etc
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the child was found with the occiput resting on and against the symphy-
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be bot and sharp, give the syrup of pomegranates, currants,
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In the appeal for funds the following lines are quoted : *' ' No
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tion. He was fed by the rectum for three days, and everything
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larger. In an evil hour for her, M. Boyer operated. The
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officers of this Society were elected, April 26, 1899 :
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is sometimes the case, or had other malformations which we
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Bacillus diphtheriae are conveyed from the body in particles of diphthe-
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I discovered an enlargement upon the lower jaw of the opposite
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pressure induced by this experiment could not be determined with
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any men be presented for honorary recommendation. We there-
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typhotoxine, C7H 17NO2, and teranine, C13H22N2O4, and others. Some of
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was read, and microscopical preparations showing the skin tumours in
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z}^mosis and the consequent invasion of parasitic organisms.
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good results not only must the ovaries and tubes be thoroughly
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Ko pApdr Hiat hia alr^y appear^ elsewhere itiUf be aoo^pted for publieiitien.
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pyogenic microbes probably enter by way of the mother or nurse, who may
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ances. Breast feeding was supplemented from the age of six months by various
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unfavorable this comparison is for us, the better will be the
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16. That ulceration of the skin and exposure of the vein, the main cause of
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acquainted with the peculiarities of constitution, habits, and predispositions, of
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lus. Although their observations and experiments have not proven their
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ral symptoms had taken a decided downward course for
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of considerable pressure if this be made in a methodical and
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The prognosis is much better than it would have been twenty
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large objects. Central colour vision was good. The fundi showed
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