in this way, the high dilution of the blood, is that by these means the bactericidal

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The over-accumulation of fat under the integuments, and

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alert the public to this contrived hazard to their health. The

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led, when the young man was bitten, he should have cauterized the wound

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etiology of blackwater fever is a matter of controversy, but it

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to 10£; 2i to 41; 7 to 8. A. B. (Brown) 1871; M. D. (Harv.)

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doses of 1 dr. in the crystal or in linseed ball, repeated once or twice a

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after-coming head. The same procedure would be applicable

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placed. It may be seen either by dilating the pupil artificially, or by

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1. Severe epigastric pain accompanied by repeated emesis.

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Dr. Bell, the Superintendent, has sent in his resignation, to

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full years after passing their Matriculation Examination.

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neuralgic and anti-rheumatic, having beneficial effects

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described by continental observers under that name, but he could not say

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which has indicated the advisability of administering sodium bicarbon-

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of cyanosis of a paroxysmal character. Such attacks were said to be a feature

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stances the disorders of sensibility of cerebral origin are most ni.nrked

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with a small trocar, or by the aspirator than by any other

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physician to be compelled to withhold treatment because his diagnosis is

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J1894. Weir, Robert F., M.D., 16 East Ninety-sixth St., New York

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The eruption is usually most abundant on the face and extensor sur-

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Third stage is Ulceration; the vesicles fill up, rupture aud discharge,

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accumulates in the body. This glycogen must have been manufactured

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therefore, passes into the extravascular fluids. Administered

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Blue stone is used especially for touching granulated lids; the

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101. 5 F. after the second treatment. The treatments were given

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pose that free love is the practice, if allowed to judge of the country at large

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climate furnishes both of the above extremes during its seasonal

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A total of 6,088 visits were recorded, including 3,206

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died ; and including those four verj^ doubtful cases, it still leaves

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violence, or a severe crush of the chest may lead to several costal cartilages

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of the term.'''' We assert the contrary, and will quote his own testi-

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A comparison of the statistics here given shows beyond all ques-

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The advantage claimed for this new antigonorrheic remedy

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that have been from previous education brought into connec-

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the pneumococcus in one or the other of its types. In each case so

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