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explanatory. Pathologically, the first division includes cases of acute
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intestinal irritant. If any blood or mucus reappears in the stools,
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The general and local symptoms of acute glaucoma cannot be too
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duced naturally; but it is almost as severe as that arising from
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of the cord ; the vessels over-filled with blood, the perivascular spaces
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mogastric nerves, the author held to be the principal cause of the great mor-
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Cannabis Ind. Dr. Sinkler, of Philadelphia says: this
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ercise. In the urine in this case there is a predisposition; there is a
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11. Van Slyke, D. D., and Fitz, R. : J. Biol. Chem. 32:495 (Dec.) 1917;
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About seventeen years since, while making some experiments with caout-
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from the same source, have the disease with all its intensity