and other muscles rarely and exceptionally. Of the interossei muscles

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of mechanical restraint is occasionally called for, as the most humane

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His "Botanic Garden" and "Loves of the Plants," his mis-

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application of acid nitrate of mercury, or the actual cautery, may be

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an invaluable herb, good for defeating the ends of those who

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physician's personal influence for good is greatly weakened. In the

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It is useless to try to force convalescence ; the weakened brain

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full of neuroses. In some cases, however, I have found that uxorious men,

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there may be nothing of this kind, or no consciousness of it ; but

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where there are one or more patches in the course of a nerve or in the

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" Inoculabilite du- psoriasis," Mem. et comptes rendus de la soc. mid. de Lyon, 1889.

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representative in modern life of a type that has for the most part been

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and super-excellent tobacco at two shillings an ounce. The

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trol them. An insane person may cause the same injury to society as a

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"Grandes Oreilles," a name that easily translates itself into

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consider these two different groups of symptoms apart, as they are in

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(1) To suit the requirements of differing degrees of fineness

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the latter he regards as due to reflex disturbances ; the former, he

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lower forms may even be exaggerated. The case of Carlini is often

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b. As indicated in table IV, the plasma of AB bloods does not

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doses being reserved for local caustic effects in stubborn patches. It

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new faculty, that now outward expression by movement is arrested while

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nalis, either alone or associated with symptoms of degeneracy. In 1887,