that the fire had gone out, she concluded to retire to bed at once ; but thinking that
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equally marked venous hyperemia, as the sole constant attendants
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bands to prevent it from coming in contact with the bed.
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turned out to be a small pebble, completely crusted over with
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creased the risk of death 3.6 times compared with the femoral
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general paresis are not included in this estimate. I have
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ception of the respiratory murmur on auscultation. But the organic conditions
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at the conference by Pietro Rondoni, professor of gen-
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away to live for the next 20 or 30 years almost in the manner
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In addition to the physical examination candidates are re-
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appear altogether for a time. In other cases, I have
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milk be given at all, sterile milk is much to be pre-
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the radiation at both points has fallen off as the square of the tube
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of the nervous " system has an undoubted influence. The causes
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three hours, every two hours, or even every hoiu' ; but the stomach
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formed into salts of the type of protein sulfate, this latter type being
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expected. Internal means prove utterly ineffectual for the dis-
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production were observed. Irritation of this region of the brain in man,
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else it might run out if ever neglected or forgotten ; and if
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white and black matter, in variable proportions; the tint being
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The treatment of luxation of a semilunar cartilage may be pal-
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created the greatest furore at the time of its appearance was
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Case S.— Jack K., aged 28, baker. Admitted Feb. 15, 1916; discharged
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employed, which might give rise to a two-fold danger: First, by the
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doubts proved to be well foundi'd, for in the condition
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State University of New York Health Science Center at
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the Trendelenburg posture, etc. But as a systemati-
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Fellows of this Society : the examination (o be upon the subjects of Eng-
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seems to suffer pain when swallowing, although he may be so toxic as to make
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communicating with a bronchus. Exploratory puncture yielded